Thursday, 29 December 2016

Simply Because

For me, the Christmas story had become too familiar and this year - once or twice - I have thought I would like to hear the story of that very first Christmas without knowing that next would come a busy Bethlehem, a birth in a stable, a visit from some shepherds and then later on some wise men who brought some special gifts.

So I am grateful that my thoughts have been led to some place new. Christmas is not just the story of a special baby, it reaches beyond that and tells the story of Jesus who came to show us and give us so much.

There is a line in a song that says, 'You didn't want heaven without us, so Jesus you brought heaven down.'

Jesus stepped down to give life and love simply because He wanted to and for that I am so thankful.

Why am I thankful? Why am I grateful for the birth of a baby that happened over 2000 years ago?

As I sit here now I know that I get it wrong. I mess up. I try to control what I say and then all the things I knew I did not need to say come tumbling out. I react because I am hurting. I try too hard. I expect too much of myself.

I could then see myself as a failure and not good enough. However because someone has hope for me I do not need to follow that path.

Instead I can dust off the wrong thoughts, words and deeds and begin again.

Regardless of what it would mean, someone reached down to grab hold of me with their love.

How beautiful.
How powerful.
How wonderful.

Actually, I am thankful for that old, familiar story simply because it will never change. I will always be held by a love that is greater than anything.

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