Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Upside Down Or The Right Way Up?

For the last few years things have happened in my life that I never wanted to happen. Things that were simply not in my plan for my life.
One day life just turned upside down and I feel it has never really turned the right way up again.

However, alongside this, the last few years have very much had the stamp of ‘with every sun comes a new day’. Even though there have been times, particularly recently, that I have struggled to believe this.

I find, it is often the way that I hear someone say something and think, that’s good and those words stay with me, in the back of my mind. Then, all of a sudden there is this realisation and I see how completely those words were meant for my situation.

How I feel about my life, my plans depend on how I view my life, my plans.

Maybe I feel my life is upside down, yet actually it is the right way up and how it is meant to be.
The new days happen and are good, often they are more than good. Yet, I will not see that goodness unless I look for it.

My youngest daughter, when she prays at night, always begins with a thank you. A wonderful perspective and I know I should be more like her.

For me, the days are harder when I allow the rubbish stuff to consume me. When I stop believing that life can be good. When I give too much head space to the negative

I realise that I am best when I let go of my plans and actually live in this new day. To live, believing in the goodness of God. To embrace each new day, knowing this is where I am meant to be. To say, let’s go girl, thankful to God, that we’ve got this and together, we can do this.
Today will be a better day.