Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Do I Need To?

A few months ago I felt challenged to have a look at myself and the way I was living each new day. 
I don't think I was an out and out baddy but there were things I was doing that weren't great. 
I was looking inwards at my needs and what I wanted. I wasn't looking to those closest to me and seeing what they wanted. 
Life often leads us to believe it is about me, me, ME! But I felt challenged that I should be doing each new day differently. Maybe it is an upside down way of thinking but I have been learning to look to the needs of those closest to me. 

Often one of the children say to me, "Mummy can you come and do this?" My reply was often, "No because I need to do this!" 
Do I need to? 
Can it wait? 
Does it actually need to be done?

Probably not! Or at least it could wait because what could be more precious than spending a moment with one of the children, sharing a memory? 

I can also do this for others too, sharing moments with friends and families that then becomes memories to cherish. 
Or helping someone out just because I can because the 'something else' can wait. 

It's taking time, practise and a different way of thinking. I'm still learning and there are days when I still get it oh so wrong but I'm thankful for a God who is a God of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances, the God of the unlimited chances. He doesn't give up on me.