Sunday, 8 March 2020

Just Keep Running!

I've just been for a run. I have to go early, because when later comes, I talk myself out of going! It was a bit windy this morning, which I had not expected. Before I went, I checked the forecast for rain, but not wind!

As I was running back home, I was running into the wind and I thought it would have been easier if the wind was pushing me along on the last part of my run, rather than the first. As I only had my own thoughts for company, I began to think a bit more. Life can feel like I am running into the wind. Mostly, it feels like that as I am busy and there is lots to think about and that is fine, as I like being busy. Yet, sometimes the wind blows and life is suddenly really hard. Just like running into the wind this morning, you turn a corner, and it becomes really hard to keep going.

Something I also noticed, was that I would be running into the wind, I would turn a corner and, somehow, it became even more windy! The wind seemed to be blowing in two different directions! I am certain that a meteorologist would tell me I'm not correct, however, that is what it felt like! Again, I thought about how, in life, I can feel like I'm running into the wind, then I turn a corner and it becomes even more of a struggle. Something else is thrown into the mix and I wonder, if I can keep going.

Running into the wind this morning meant a lot of the steps were a struggle, however the thoughts that accompanied those steps made it worth it.

I kept going because I knew I was not far from home. I could use what I knew to help me with what I was feeling. It was a tough run, yet, I knew that I could keep going, so I kept going. Something that I can tell myself all of the time. Life may be feeling like a tough run, so it is then I need to remind myself that it has been tough before and I will get through it. I will make it home and it will feel brighter and better.

Running is a funny thing! For me, there is no rhyme or reason as to why some runs are easier than others. Even today, I surprised myself when I looked at the time of my run - it was quicker than usual! I can remind myself of that too, some seasons of my life are easier than others. So, when the wind comes, I can keep running, holding on to the hope of the sun bring a new and brighter day.

I also know that the direction of the wind will change - so why not apply that to my life as well? As I turn a corner, the wind may blow unexpectedly, yet, I can keep my steps firm, knowing the direction of the wind will change.

Just keep running!