Monday, 23 February 2015

Keep Climbing!

Shall I get out of bed or stay snuggled up and warm? Which jeans - blue or black? Do I put nutella or marmite on my bagel? Do I stand my ground and insist the children have milk on their cereal or do I give in and let them go without today?
I've only been up for half an hour but these and many more decisions have already been made! 

Choices...if I counted the different choices I made each day, I wonder how many there would be? Hundreds! The majority of them will be quite insignificant and in my head I will have answered them before I even finish asking myself! Some of them will be slightly more challenging and will take some time to ponder over. Others will be big decisions to make, maybe ones that I didn't even have any idea were coming my way...then it can feel like a huge mountain needs climbing. 

Although if I consider how things look from the top of that mountain...WOW! What a change in perspective! What a wonderful view! 
If I am faced with a big choice that I know is going to be hard, I may well choose not to climb that mountain and instead choose to take the easier route and walk round the mountain. What view will I then miss out on? 
However, if I choose to stand strong and decide to tackle that mountain, it isn't going to be an easy climb. I might lose my footing along the way, the cloud may descend as I near the top and it will be tiring but when I reach the top...what a view, what beauty!! I will be seeing things I will not have imagined - although I imagine it will take my breath away! 

Whatever the choice...big, small or somewhere in between...there is always help available to make that choice. When facing mountains or even just a bump in the road, I can look to my own strength and make the choice but this may well mean I miss out on a better view. 
Then again, I could face the bump (be it big or small) from a far better standing. If I choose to stand with God as I make these choices, I stand in love, encouragement, hope, security and success...the view from the top will be AMAZING!

"The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. 
Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."
Deuteronomy 31:8 (New International Version)

Friday, 13 February 2015

Love is...

There are quite a few things around us at the moment to make us think of love. In the shops, on the TV, on the radio...but why should Valentine's Day be so associated with love? Why do we make such a big thing about love on February 14th? Do we limit ourselves to show love on just one day of the year?

I don't really think that's the case but take a minute to think...what if everyday I put as much effort into loving someone as I might on Valentine's Day? What if I purposely decided to tell someone or show someone how much I loved them every single day? 

I'm sure we all have someone who springs to mind when we think about love. Some of us might be fortunate enough to have lots of people spring to mind. 

So if I took time each day to think of someone who I could show love to...(and I am not talking about romantic love!) what a difference that would make. I wouldn't do it for something in return, it would be because it is good for our souls to know we are loved. It could be something as simple as a hug, or a note to say thank you, or a word of encouragement, or a meal or a cake, or the gift of time. 

Why though? Why should I take my time to give to someone else when I don't get anything in return?
It's simple really...because life should be all about love. 

'Let love be your greatest aim.'
1 Corinthians 14:1 (Living Bible)

I can choose to influence my world, the paths I tread, the days I live...and so can you.
With every sun comes a new day and the chance to choose love...