Monday, 23 October 2017

Something Brighter

This was the view as I turned a corner this morning and then, as I continued on, turning another corner, I noticed that my view had become a grey sky.

For one moment the sky looked beautiful and bright and then, in the next, it was grey and dull.

It reminded me that life can be a bit like that. I might be standing in a moment that is bright and good, then as I take the next step the view changes, the brightness fades and it all looks very different.

This morning those two contrasting views were almost in the same space and this gives me hope. I take courage from the truth that no matter where I am standing, there is always a view to be found which will brighten my situation.

The view may be one of many things - a remembered word, a beautiful child, an encouraging friend, a recollected truth, a hope breathed in, a kindness shared, a moment given - whatever form it might take, it will be there. If I am not able to see it straight away, then I have to keep looking. It is up to me to keep searching until I am able to clearly see that better view.

Being able to find the brightness in the grey, dull moments is a treasure that I should hold on to. It means that when those grey moments come into view, they really are only moments. Instead of seeing everything as dull, I can choose to search until I find that brighter perspective which breaks through.

With every sun comes a new day to journey through and as I do this I know that when the view becomes dull, there will be something brighter just moments away.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I Hope You Dance

'And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance...I hope you dance'

I like to dance! I'm not fantastic at it, although I'm not terrible at it either! Recently I had a wonderful time dancing at a friend's wedding and it was great to discover that my youngest has a real passion for disco dancing! Whether it's dancing at a wedding, a birthday party, at Peppermint Park or Ritzy's or in my kitchen, for me, there is a feeling of joy and of freedom. I cannot remember ever dancing and feeling grumpy and weighed down.

There are moments in life when there is the choice to either sit it out or dance. 
Right here and now, I choose to dance. 

The easy option would be to sit it out and refuse to dance. I could be the one sat at the edge of the dance floor, with my arms folded, shaking my head, rejecting the offer of a dance. 
Today, I choose to dance. 

As I dance, I can let go of all that weighs me down. When there has been the occasion to dance, I have not planned a routine in my head, I simply dance the steps...however the music might lead! I realise that there is freedom in allowing someone else to take the lead. For me, that is allowing God to guide my steps. 

I know that, at times, my choice has been to sit it out. Refusing to see the joy there is in dancing and instead focusing on the hurt and the pain. Maybe I was hoping for the perfect dance partner to come along. 
However, I now see that I have always had the perfect dance partner. 
So today, I choose to dance. 
I am able to do this for I know, as I dance, I am loved. My steps will not be ridiculed and when I mess up those steps, I will gently be given the opportunity to try again. 

My dance will be new, it will be unique! Sometimes it will be a bit crazy and maybe messy, yet it will be all that it is meant to be. It will be my dance.

I no longer wish to sit it out as that will take me nowhere. I step out, in faith and hope and love and in knowing that this dance, my dance, is going to be good.