Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Tomorrow in our house, Advent begins! The tradition of Advent will take on many different forms in many different homes. It is a bit of a journey, which for us will involve excitement, anticipation and hope.

This year as Advent brings each new day, I would like to begin a new tradition. Each day I hope to post and I wonder if  you may like to join me in this new tradition? 

Sometimes I feel that I get lost in the hustle and bustle and preparation of Christmas. I can get overwhelmed by how I feel and lose sight of others. So this year I would like to be intentional about taking a few moments each new day to consider what each new day of Advent could bring. I hope you might find time too...

Saturday, 26 November 2016


Sometimes I see, so very obviously, how conversations happen at just the right time and then the knock on effect is exactly what was necessary for me. Certain things stay with me because I have heard them or read them at exactly the right time.

This week I feel that I have not used my words as well as I could have done. However I have only reflected on this because of something completely unrelated that was said to me! As a result of what was said I read about 'quiet words being more effective' and this made me consider how I have not been using words properly.

I felt challenged about the rash and thoughtless words I have spoken. Also the way in which I may have used words to manipulate or hurt and the hasty words spoken from a place of fear.

Some of my words have most definitely not been effective this week.

With every sun comes a new day and the opportunity to speak wisely. I should consider how my words can bring with them grace and consideration. They most definitely should be quiet and I believe that I should think more about whether they even need to be spoken.

I know that my words will not always be effective however I would like to try to make the better choice and speak words that affirm and encourage. I would like to speak words that are true and sincere.

I hope to find within me the strength to pause, to take time over the words that I use and the boldness to quieten my words when they do not need to be spoken.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lest We Forget

In Church today I watched a Remembrance PowerPoint. It was very thought provoking and as I watched many different images of war I was led to think of the way in which conflict ripples out and touches such a vast amount of people and places. Over the years people have had to endure such terror which I cannot even begin to comprehend. Images show homes being ripped apart and for some people their lives will never be whole again.

I am grateful that each year we remember. To take time to consider those who have served to enable me to live as I do today. To think of those who have lost and of those whose lives have been forever changed.

To be honest I would like to remember more and to be prepared to spare more thoughts and thank yous for those who have served and who are serving now. Often I will see a headline about current conflicts and my eyes will skim over it because I would rather not face the reality of what is going on in the world around me. It all seems too horrible and instead of reading on, I tell myself there is nothing I can do about it.

However there is something I can do. Instead of choosing the 'easier' headline to read I can choose the harder one and I can spend some time thinking about situations other than mine. I can pray for those involved and know that my prayers will be heard. I should not limit my prayers just because I am praying for an unfamiliar situation that is happening half way around the world.

I am also able to do my part. With every sun I can choose peace over conflict. Love should be my motive and my words should build up rather than knock down. As I do each day the ripples that flow out from me should be bringing unity rather than discord.

Today has been an opportunity to remember and I hope that when tomorrow comes I will not forget and instead I will do my part.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Day One

There are times when songs go round and round my head. When it is the random song that we were listening to at the children's disco on Monday that's not quite so good. However when it is a phrase from a particular song then, I begin to wonder if there is something I should be thinking about...

Recently, one line from the chorus of a song keeps playing in my mind. It is not one of my favourite songs and I have only heard it on the radio two or three times. The line is 'It's day one of the rest of my life.' (If you would like to listen to it too it is called Day One by Matthew West!)

I am seeing that this line is really quite a positive thing to be saying as I begin each new day. Today is brand new, it is an adventure to be had - who knows where my steps might take me?!?!

As today begins, I should be excited about the opportunities today has in store.

Why should I feel so positive? Because I am held. The more I get to know God, I realise more and more the depth of His love for me. I feel the strength of His arms holding me and I see the goodness in His plans for me.

There are many days when I still get it wrong, I worry and fix on the wrong things. Yet God is still there, patiently waiting. God is not reprimanding me for getting it wrong, instead I can picture Him there, cheering me along, saying "Go on Ruth, let's do this, because today is going to be more than good!" #TrustMe