Saturday, 26 November 2016


Sometimes I see, so very obviously, how conversations happen at just the right time and then the knock on effect is exactly what was necessary for me. Certain things stay with me because I have heard them or read them at exactly the right time.

This week I feel that I have not used my words as well as I could have done. However I have only reflected on this because of something completely unrelated that was said to me! As a result of what was said I read about 'quiet words being more effective' and this made me consider how I have not been using words properly.

I felt challenged about the rash and thoughtless words I have spoken. Also the way in which I may have used words to manipulate or hurt and the hasty words spoken from a place of fear.

Some of my words have most definitely not been effective this week.

With every sun comes a new day and the opportunity to speak wisely. I should consider how my words can bring with them grace and consideration. They most definitely should be quiet and I believe that I should think more about whether they even need to be spoken.

I know that my words will not always be effective however I would like to try to make the better choice and speak words that affirm and encourage. I would like to speak words that are true and sincere.

I hope to find within me the strength to pause, to take time over the words that I use and the boldness to quieten my words when they do not need to be spoken.

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