Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Advent #14

'And there, in the stable, amongst the chickens and the donkeys and the cows, in the quiet of the night, God gave the world His wonderful gift. The baby that would change the world was born. His baby Son. 
Mary and Joseph wrapped Him up to keep Him warm. They made a soft bed of straw and used the animals' feeding trough as His cradle. And they gazed in wonder at God's Great Gift, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and lying in a manger. 
Mary and Joseph named Him Jesus, 'Emmanuel' - which means 'God has
 come to live with us'. 
Because, of course, He had.'
(Jesus Story Book Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones)

I was challenged this morning about being self-centred. Do I put my feelings first? Do I feel that my words are more important than anyone else's? Do I listen? Do I give the people I meet my full attention?

To be honest I can find it tricky to do these things. It kind of turns things upside down to put the feelings of someone else before mine or to let someone else speak first and to make my words less.

However it is possible and with perseverance it becomes easier. There are times when I really struggle to let go of 'me', although saying 'you first' is the better choice and makes for better relationships.

Also when it is a struggle. I can look to the example mentioned above...Jesus, who gave His all to say 'you first'.

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