Sunday, 11 December 2016

Advent #11

Today I heard a song which had the line in it, 'when love was born.' During Advent and at Christmas time it is Jesus as a baby we consider. How can a baby demonstrate such amazing love?

For me it goes further than Jesus as a baby. As the story continues Jesus grows into a man and in the Bible we read about all that He did. The life that He led was all about love.

This love was given freely. However sometimes I really struggle to accept that love because I feel rubbish and feel that I don’t deserve that love...because I don’t feel able to love someone in such an extravagant way...because, humanly, I don’t feel loved in that way.

However this love that was born in a stable does not actually ask me to do anything, because;

it was not a gift of love that had a list of terms and conditions attached
it was not a gift of love that gave on condition of return
it was not a gift of love that had a sell by date attached to it.

That night, 'when love was born', it was given as a perfect, limitless, eternal and unconditional gift. 

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