Monday, 19 December 2016

Advent #19

Yay! It's the holidays!

If I am honest, I have not always been excited about the school holidays and have not always seen it as a blessing to have all this extra time with my children.

However, now I do.

Our holidays will not be picture perfect. There will still be mess and squabbles. I will still get stressed about things that I do not need to get stressed about! I imagine there will be words spoken that are not always encouraging and affirming and I hope I will be the first to apologise when those words have come from me.

There will also be laughter, lots of silliness and snuggles on the sofa as we watch another Christmas film. I hope there will be memories made and maybe new and unexpected Christmas traditions will be discovered.

I have come to realise that I must try my best to cherish my time with my children because as the sun brings its new day, my children are growing up.

So for now, I shall make the most of the fact that they are still happy to be with me and enjoy all that the holidays may bring!

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