Friday, 2 December 2016

Advent #2

Day 2..what will we find in Advent Box today? What chocolate will be behind door number 2? Which character or part will we add to our Nativity today? Before I know it, we will be on day 24 and all the Advent Box presents will be unwrapped, the chocolates will be eaten and the Nativity will be complete.

I know that I can get carried away by the run up to Christmas time. I can find myself rushing through the day thinking of all that needs to be done. When this happens I then fix too much on what I have to get done rather than enjoying the moment. 

If I spend my days rushing through to the next one, might I miss what is instore for me today? It might pass me by as I was too bothered about what I needed to get done before tomorrow. 

However if I slow down and take time to enjoy, I can make the most of each day. As I do today (and all the other days in Advent) I will do what I can. I have been given this day and I hope to grasp this day and live it to the full. I would like to take the time to make the most of each encounter and to see the wonder and blessings that are always around me...I just need to slow down, take the time to look and to receive. 

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