Monday, 12 December 2016

Advent #12

Advent comes and a lot of thought is given to what I might give others. This year I have been brave and moved away from the norm as I have bought people presents without looking at anyone's list! It has taken more thought and I hope people are happy with their Christmas presents.

Christmas time should not be the only time that I think about what I give to others. I believe I should be considering how I give all year round.

What I give to others is not all about material gifts, it is also how I give my words, my deeds, my time and my love.

As I think about how I have given today, I know that I could have given more thought to my words. I could have given better, encouraging and more loving words.

A short while ago, I made the better to choice to give part of me when what I really wanted to do was to put me first.

With every sun comes a new day and plenty of opportunities to give. I would like to be brave and give more of me. I would like to make the most of those opportunities and learn to give even when it is not the easiest choice. I hope I can find the strength to think more about how I give and be able to say 'you first'.

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