Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Advent #6

Christmas time can be busy and right now my to-do list seems quite long!
 - wrapping presents
- writing cards
- decorating the tree
- buying Christmas jumpers
- remembering the many things going on at school so that the right child ends up with the right thing and in the right place at the right time!
- sorting Advent box (preferably organised the night before rather than a startled thought first thing when the children wake up!)

Even though life seems to become extra crazy, I do enjoy all the additions that come with Christmas time. However I do not want my busy to become so hectic that it overwhelms me. Therefore I must add to my preparation!!

Why would I want to give myself more to do?!?

Yet, what if this one additional thing makes everything else better?

If I take time to focus on me then I believe I can be of more use to all that has to be done. Taking the time to slow down and rest can only strengthen me. To be still and find the calm - even when everything else might still be hurrying on by - may sharpen me.

In resting and through the stillness I can refill and refuel. I would then hope to get back on with the to-do list with more joy and purpose. Hopefully I will give the better part of me to those around me. The rush will not consume me, I will fill up on Love, which will in turn be my motivation. 

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