Thursday, 1 December 2016

Advent #1

I imagine that in a very short while there will be three excited children full of anticipation for the first day of this year's Advent Box (I am very grateful to a friend who introduced me to this wonderful idea last year). 

Throughout Advent, our morning routine will be brightened by a dance and a chant around the Advent Box and the children will each find a gift. 

Last year I was overly concerned about whether or not the presents would be exciting enough or would the opening of the presents be met with a groan when they realised the gift for the day was some socks!?!? However my children surprised me - as they often do - by always being grateful. I soon realised that the excitement was in the finding of the gift wrapped especially for them. 

As Advent begins I should make a fourth excited child who is eager and full of anticipation for this new day that God has gift wrapped especially for me. A day that is fresh and untrodden, a day that holds opportunities and encounters that may brighten my path. 

Will I be bold and embrace my gift? Will I be excited to go looking for goodness of this new day? I hope so, I may never get this opportunity again and today I would like to make the most of this new day I have been given. 

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