Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Advent #21

As I watched my children bounce around this morning they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. It made me think that so often I over can over complicate things. 

I may have looked for more than I needed, either in material things or in words and actions from other people. I know that in the past my expectations of others were set too high. I also set my expectations of myself too high. 

I am learning that there really is a lot to be gained by living in the moment. Enjoying the jumping and the bouncing!! The children knew that for an hour they were going to be able to jump, bounce around and sometimes fall over. Simply, they were there to enjoy what they were doing - there and then. 

As the sun brings the new day, I too could choose to enjoy what I am doing - there and then. To know that I may jump and I may bounce and there may be a possibility that I may fall down too. I could keep things simple too and enjoy what I have, right there in that moment. 

One of the rules at the trampoline park is to 'ALWAYS be aware of those around you, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to avoid others'.

Maybe this could be a rule I apply to each moment. To always be aware of those around me means I take the time to really see the people around me, I should notice them and think of them before I think of myself. To take the next part of the rule literally would mean that I may become very lonely! However if I see it as my responsibility to not bump into other people or crash onto their path, then I believe I am not relying on others or expecting them to take responsibility for avoiding me. I would hope that I would no longer blame someone else for making things over complicated and instead I would consider how I can make my steps or jumps more thoughtfully. 

Maybe then I would thoroughly enjoy myself too... 

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