Monday, 29 August 2016

Safe To Shore

This summer, I have had the privilege of spending a few days at the beach. The weather has been changeable, as you would expect! As has the sea - so we have seen a variety of waves. I think the best were last week when they were huge, yet gently so.

I love to look out to sea where it seems there are no waves. I imagine what it must be like to be out in the middle of the ocean and in the stillness. To look all around me and see only the sea and the sky. No land is in sight. Maybe I might be concerned that I have no sight of shore, that I am unable to see the haven of land. 

Would I panic or would I trust the captain to sail me safely to shore? I am almost certain it would be the latter choice...I do not see myself jumping overboard and trying to swim to shore. 

Sometimes I feel out to sea. I look around and there is no shoreline in sight, no sign of a welcome haven. Therefore I must trust my Captain who is faithful and will guide me safely to shore. When it looks as though there is nothing, I must hold on to the promises that my Captain has spoken over my life. 

He will guide me through...a bright new day is coming...there is hope, even when there seems there is none.

As I imagine the sea to be still, I must be still - not panic or jump over board. At times I feel it is a step of trust of which I am not capable. To give Someone else control, being certain that they have me safe. It takes courage to step out in faith, to let my hand be held and simply trust.

However with every sun comes a new day and the opportunity to take these simple steps of faith and to trust in the truth that my Captain will lead me to shore.

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