Monday, 15 August 2016


My steps were slow yesterday, as I walked home my heart was hurting and sadness weighed me down. It was an effort to put one foot in front of the other. As I took each step, it caused me to consider how each day brings different steps. I often write about the new steps I take and I am learning that each new day will bring steps that need real consideration and thought.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to tread all kinds of steps. I took thousands and thousands of steps as I had the privilege to serve at our Summer Camp, sharing in laughter, love, encouragement and other people's stories. 
This last week I have taken all sorts of steps - racing steps into the sea, jumping over the waves, reluctant steps into the chilly pool, steps along the cliff top surrounded by a glorious creation, quiet steps to snuggle the children as they slept. 

The majority of these steps were taken with ease and with enjoyment. Others were taken with great purpose as I had a job to do. Some were steps that have carved memories in my mind.

Whatever step I take, be it straight forward, happy, purposeful, difficult, slow or fast, they are my steps to step. Therefore I have to consider how I respond as I take each step. Both opportunities and obstacles will come my way. So knowing this, I have to choose how I step. There will be times that I will run to embrace the new steps and there will be times when I feel like I am walking through mud. When the muddy steps come there will inevitably be mud that clings to my feet. Will I choose to let that stick or will I stamp it off? I hope that I will find strength to stamp it off and not let it weigh me down. 

Today, I know for certain that many different kinds of steps will come my way. What I do not know is how I will respond as I tread those different steps. I hope that I will keep my gaze fixed up on the One who gives me strength to take the next step. I ask that grace will follow me for the times that I will get it wrong. As I take each varied step, I hope for love to be my greatest aim, whatever comes my way...

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