Tuesday, 2 August 2016

For Such A Time As This

Recently, I was challenged to consider that I am here 'for such a time as this'. My responsibility is to live now and for this day. If I believe that I was created for a purpose then, as I do this new day, I should live for today.

Today I would like my steps to be purposeful and when the opportunity arises I would like to choose love. I hope to find the strength to stand for what I believe and for the graces that holds me.

The words 'for such a time as this' come from a book in the Bible called Esther. This book tells the story of a girl who lived 'for such a time as this'. Esther had hope, she stood up for what she believed and changed a nation.

I may not be called to change a nation however I am called to change who I am; to be a better person, to make bold choices, to take risks and step out from where I feel comfortable. Love is to be my greatest aim. To love God and then to love others.

Esther stood up for her people and there was every chance that she could have been killed. Instead the King welcomed her and showed favour towards her. Living for this day and letting go of what has been and whatever may come will not necessarily be the easy choice. Although I believe living purposefully and for such a time as this may well lead to a great adventure, greater than I could ever imagine.

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