Thursday, 21 July 2016

Freeze Frame Moments

I believe there is so much joy to be found in the moments around us. I just need to look for these moments and when discovered, these moments lead to a feeling of fullness.

Last week I came upon one such moment simply by turning round at just the right time. What I saw was my eldest daughter run into the North Sea, which is not known for its warmth, and then the beam that spread across her face was a wonderful freeze frame moment. The mixture of wonder and shock as she splashed through the waves completely lit up her face. Her eyes sparkled with excitement. I imagine my face reflected some of that as I too was caught in the joy of the moment.

Pausing to stop and enjoy the moment and being able to focus on the things that surround that moment; the beauty of that place and the many blessings my family bring.

As every new sun comes I am realising that blessings can be found in anything, I just need to be willing to look.

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