Wednesday, 6 July 2016

All Moments

Sitting in Schiphol Airport, listening and watching I soon realised that the running of the airport is completely down to the moment. Every aeroplane, vehicle, person and piece of luggage has a place. The routine of Schiphol is extremely precise and definite because every take off and every landing has to happen at exactly the right moment. I found it fascinating to watch as the necessity for everything to run perfectly never appeared to lead to chaos or frenzied activity.

Each moment is so important at Schiphol, an airport that flies almost 60 million people to 322 different destinations in a year.

So what has a bustling airport got to do with me and how I live each new day?

I recently read some words written by writer Frederick Buechner. At the end of the quote was the following phrase 'all moments are key moments'. The phrase spoke into my heart and stayed with me. I saw these words evident in the running of Schiphol and I believe there is no reason why they should not be evident in my life too.

My actions, my thoughts, my deeds are not insignificant. All I am, all I do and all I say are important - right down to the moment. Therefore if I walk each new day knowing all moments are key moments, I believe I have a choice in how I respond to all moments.

At the airport the moments are wholly purposeful. Do I hope for my moments to be purposeful? If I see the importance of each moment then I should show love and encouragement in all that I am.
If I believe all moments are key then I should respond with grace and wholeheartedness. If I believe that I am where I am meant to be for that one moment, then I should do all I can to make that one moment a better moment.

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