Monday, 5 September 2016

All Things New

Life is not always straight forward. The path can be bumpy or smooth, there may be unexpected corners and sharp bends or the road might be long and monotonous.

Life is a journey and as I continue on, I have been learning that God makes all things new. I have been challenged to look for the newness in my circumstances. To see things afresh rather than approaching them with fear.

This time of year is often thought of as a time of new beginnings, particularly if life involves school or college or university. For me, today was a new day just simply because it was! However, it was also the very first page of another chapter.

A first page that required choices...anxiety or calm...doubting or trusting. Life does not stand still and as I face each new day, am I going to make the better choice?

Well today, that choice was made for me!

I went outside into the garden to hang out the washing (somethings will never change!) and I noticed the colours of the sunrise reflected in the morning sky. Then I saw a beautiful rainbow yet it was definitely not raining.

So where did the rainbow come from? Scientists might tell me different, although I believe that it was there for me, to remind me that God is Faithful and He will use whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. He will use them for good and in ways I could never hope for or imagine.

Each day and whatever comes with it, is an opportunity to step into newness. As every sun brings a new day and new circumstances, I hope to be faithful too.

'...all things have become new.'
2 Corinthians 5:17 (New King James Version)

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