Thursday, 16 June 2016

With Every Sun

This morning I had the privilege of watching the sunrise from the most easterly point in the UK. As I was travelling there I felt a bit apprehensive, I was not sure why, I just knew that I did not want to miss seeing it. However, now having seen the sunrise I now know why!

Ness Point in Lowestoft is the most easterly point in the UK. It is an unusual place as it is surrounded by an Industrial Estate and there seems to be not much there.

Yet, as the sun brought its new day, there was so much there. As I watched the sky change from a pinky, blue to the most glorious orangey, gold there was incredible beauty.

Whilst I was waiting and watching the sky, I did wonder if the sunrise had already happened as I can sometimes miss the obvious (I think that has something to do with a lack of common sense!). Then the sun rose and I realised that the real thing actually far, far, far, outweighed what I was expecting to see. I thought I might have missed it because, until I saw the sunrise, my mind could not comprehend the awesomeness of what I was about to see.

During the time that the sun rose I could look at the sun. Shortly after I was not able to as the colour and the intensity of the glow of the sun had changed. As I watched the sun appear over the horizon I was able to gaze upon such splendour and power. For that moment I was surrounded by the greatness of creation. I could see love.

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