Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hey there!

Hey there my precious child,

You are loved, you are held and you are cherished.

My love is poured over you and covers all. I look at you and you make me smile.

My love for you will never run out, it chases you and longs to be with you.

My loves brings hope and brings light.

My love for you is unfailing.

My love is the 'one set of footprints' for I am carrying you.

My heart is full to overflowing with love for you.

My love is comfort and security; I am holding on to you so tightly.

My love says, "you first..."

My love makes all things new.

My love is here for you...always.

A love so amazing.
With every sun comes a new day and the opportunity for me to try and show this love to others. The only way I can do that is because I know that I am loved, I am held and I am cherished.

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