Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Take Another Step

As usual I walk into Lily's room to say goodnight. As usual she is fast asleep, yet as I lean over to kiss her goodnight she moves and pulls me to her and she hugs me tight. For that moment all is good and I am showered with blessings.

It is tempting to stay in that moment but I must continue on, step by step. Along with every sun come new steps to tread, however I am often wary and I no longer step with such assertiveness.

I do not consider it a bad thing to be wary and less certain in my steps as it means I rarely jump in feet first. I also seek guidance before I keep stepping on.

So, I take another step...I have no idea what I will be stepping into. However if I keep close in my sight the snapshot of Lily reaching out and holding onto me, this reminds me of what I am.

I am held. I am loved. I am secure. 

Always, I am these things, not just in that one moment.

So do I need to worry about what my next step will bring, no I believe I do not. The next step may bring loss or it may bring love. It may bring uncertainty or it may bring unexpected joy. Whatever I walk into, I walk knowing I am where I am meant to be. I hope that I am bold enough to keep stepping on knowing I will be guided by hands that delight in giving hope and by hands into which I can lean.

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