Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Immeasurably More

Just over a week ago I had the privilege of walking alongside a young boy who conquered his fear and was then so proud of himself. As I spent time with him we talked and he began to mention something that was bothering him. He was fearful of an activity he was soon going to do and the closer the activity got, the more and more he mentioned it. I listened to him as his fear took over and worry filled his mind. However, when the time came, he was able to do more than he had imagined and to see the relief, delight and courage he then experienced was so wonderful.

Walking with this young man caused me to really think. As I tried to encourage him out of his fear, I considered how often I make so much more of a situation or an experience because I worry. I imagine all the terrible outcomes and in most instances my worries and fears are unnecessary.

Whilst talking with him I realised that I measure my new experiences from my past experiences. Sharing a moment with this young man really challenged me to think how I respond to feelings of fear. I have a choice to either let my thoughts run away with me or to stand still in that moment of fear. I can choose to turn my thinking around and remind myself that this is a new day and that these are new steps I am treading. My thoughts and feelings should not be held captive to my past and I am able to find new opportunities in knowing I have the strength to walk these new steps.

Today, my intention is to not listen to fear if it comes knocking and instead I hope to experience even more than I can ever imagine.

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