Saturday, 16 April 2016

Front Page News

I sell a story - a front page. I would prefer that people did not know how I am truly feeling so I am going to hide my struggles and my mess.
Instead I will put on a brave face and show everyone else that I am OK. I will smile and make sure I do not let anyone past the surface - my front page news. I want people to like me so I will put on a show and be what I think they want me to be!

STOP THE PRESS! I am going to change my headline, rather than trying to spin a story, I am choosing honesty.

With every sun comes an opportunity to change my thinking and as I do this I am learning that honesty changes. Vulnerability and openness may provide comfort to others. I do not believe that I need to share all my news to all people; however is that one person, in that one moment, in need of me letting my guard down so they can share too?

Life can be hard! Life can be a struggle and I am discovering that I do not need to hide this away. I am not perfect, far from it in fact, and I no longer wish for anyone to think that.

My front page involves messing up, saying the wrong thing and thinking things I should not. My front page also tells about love, shared moments and laughter. Life is a bit of a mix of the good and the not so good - I am choosing to be real and I hope my front page is beginning to reflect that choice.

I am finding that sharing enables others to share and then we can support one another. I believe I was put where I am for a purpose and if I pretend to others around me, how is that of benefit or help?

Jesus did real and He reached out to those around Him and He made a difference. Jesus touched the lives of the people He met and left them changed.

This new day, I hope I can be bold and choose not to hide myself from the people I meet. Today, I  would like to sell a new story, one that reads true.

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