Sunday, 6 March 2016

Share Without Pretending

Growing up with two sisters there was quite a bit of sharing. Toys, clothes, TV, the back seat of the car...Being the youngest, I think I may remember things slightly differently to my sisters and complain that I was much more hard done by than I really was! I do not actually have any lasting scars from wearing 'hand me down' clothes that were too small!!

To share without pretending is more than sharing belongings or sweets or the TV remote. It is more than sharing the things we have with those around us. It goes further than lending your best trousers to your friend, it loves deeper than sharing your last rolo. 

It can be hard to share. If these things are mine why should I give them away to someone else? How is that of benefit to me?

As sisters we had to share. My children, they have to share - for me that is the way family works. Maybe at times the sharing was under duress, most certainly not done in love and had a condition placed on it. However sharing with my sisters when I was younger forged a bond, a connection, a link. Now, I think my sisters will agree, we share without pretending. We share time, advice, thoughts, care, ideas and laughter. This sharing is real and honest.

The trousers I shared came back with a hole in, but also with a wonderful friendship that has no holes and where sharing without pretending is the norm.

As I sit here and consider the people who I have the privilege of being able to love, I know without a doubt that I am blessed. God has given me a wonderful family and family in law. Also the marvellous women He has place in my life - WOW!
I am so thankful and in response to this I want to share without pretending, I no longer want to place limits on my sharing.

With each new sun I am going to look for opportunities to share without pretending. I hope that I can be strong enough to share my time, my thoughts, my belongings, my words, my smile and most of all my love in a way that is real and true. 

"Here is a simple, rule of thumb guide for behaviour: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them." 
Matthew chapter 7 verse 12 (The Message)

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