Monday, 21 March 2016

Promise Without Forgetting

What is a promise? It is 'one's word that something will be done'. If I was to play the word association game I might use pact, pledge, vow, assurance or commitment instead of the word promise.

There are occasions that I find myself promising to do something and then I might say, "I mean it, I will do it." These, however, are not always good promises! It may be that I have promised to take the iPad away or have promised that they will have an early night!

Yet, if I am considering ways to love, then I must consider how the promises I make bring with them opportunities to love. I can use my promises to build up and not tear down. I can encourage not deflate. I can give my word to support and reassure.

A promise, giving one's word that something will be done, can be as simple as the offer of a cup of tea, or the offer of help with childcare or your word that you will buy your child's favourite cereal at the supermarket today!

A promise, giving one's word that something will be done, can go as deep as giving your heart to someone else, or letting someone into your heart. It can go as deep as setting your child on the right path. 

With every new sun I have promises to fulfil and not forget. As I walk the new day there is every likelihood that I may trip up and make a crack in that promise. Be that as it may, I know I have the opportunity to keep on striving toward love being my greatest aim. So when I trip up I will not let the fear of getting it wrong be the measure of my love. Instead, I hope to be strong enough to keep working at fulfilling my promises. I hope to be strong enough to mean what I say and to not forget either what I have said or how to give love through my words. 

"It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it."
Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verse 5 (New Living Translation)

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