Monday, 23 November 2015

Writing My Story

Sometimes I get scared when I sit and think about what tomorrow might bring. I struggle to cope with all my imaginings about tomorrow.

Recently I had the privilege to listen to Brené Brown who is an American Researcher and Author. Brené has written a book called 'Rising Strong' and she spoke about how falling down can be our greatest call to courage and how owning our stories gives us the power to write a daring new ending.

Brené's talk really challenged me to think about my story and how I write it. As I look ahead I write my story and all the things I imagine really hurt. I get carried away with writing my story and working out the plot. I write everyone else's lines for them and all the scenes and acts that are to come.

However, that is my story with me writing the lines. What if I stop imagining and stop writing the story how I think it will go? What if I could be brave enough to let someone else write my story? Someone who loves me more than I know and who sees the end from the beginning. Someone who's thoughts and ways are so much higher than mine.

How then will my story go? I believe that if such a person were writing my story there would be no need to fear what tomorrow might bring. If I let go of trying to write my story and everyone else's lines and instead let God, I know that my story is being written in love, I know that I am covered in grace and I know that each line of my story is being written with truth, goodness and faithfulness.

Some scenes will still hurt but I can choose whether I write bitterness and resentment into my story or whether I write growth and newness. I am certain that it will not always be easy but giving control to One who's thoughts are higher and so much better than mine will allow my story to be written in truth rather than being written with all my imaginings.

I will get it wrong and try to write my story my way and when I do I hope I will find the courage to let go again.

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