Friday, 8 March 2019

#BeKind #UCBKindnessChallenge

I believe that I am loved. This love gives me strength. Each day, I choose to take time to be still and consider this love. I begin each day reminding myself of how faithful this love is and how I can live, sure-footed, in this love that never fails. 

From this belief, flows other things; one of which is following, or trying to follow, the UCB Kindness Challenge. Each day, during Lent, there is a suggestion of how to show kindness. I've had a little look ahead and some of them will be fine to do and enjoyable, however, some will involve going out of my way and even out of my comfort zone! To be honest, I can already hear myself talking my way out of those kindnesses! 

Yet, why should I? Do I not believe that life is about going that extra distance for someone else or putting the needs of others before my own? By making the choice to allow the love of God to be my motivation, I am able to take courage and take a path which is less trodden because it is a harder, bumpier and unpredictable path.

Not for one moment, am I saying that I always tread this path well. I trip up, make the wrong choice and avoid opportunities to be kind. 
However, having found a dictionary and looked up the word kind...well today, I am making the choice to #BeKind, even when it doesn't feel particularly comfortable. For these words, that I came across in the dictionary, are words which I would like woven through my being. 
I choose kindheartedness, tenderheartedness, goodwill, affection, warmth, gentleness, tenderness, concern, care, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, selflessness, understanding, bigheartedness, friendliness, courteousness, patience and graciousness. 
Yes, it is a big list, however, a list that is worth it every single time. 

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