Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Why Do It?

Love is not always the easy choice.
Getting out of bed when it is a day I would rather not tread, can be a struggle. 
Refusing to let others behaviour determine my own can be massive thing to do.
Forgiving and then also forgetting can be so very hard.

So why do it?

Loving against the odds.
Choosing the hard path.
Acting justly and fairly.
Forgiving and forgetting. 

Hard work, yes. It can seem like a mountain to climb. 

Yet it does bring peace. It takes away the need to strive and control. 
Instead, purposefully looking inward at my thoughts and actions is what I should be choosing to do. 

Slow, small, steps in all these things - whilst at times hard and I have to stop myself from running in the other direction - is the better choice.

It will bring the brighter day. 

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