Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Press Play

Press play...I know that life can hurt. People can hurt us. I react to this hurt and life gets messy.


Rewind... to the point where life hurts. Something unexpected or even something expected comes along and it hurts like hell. 

Pause...I can react or I can respond, it is my choice. I am learning that a response is more thoughtful, more considerate, gentler than a reaction.

Take a moment to think - why? It is not possible for me to get into someone else's head and work out the whys and wherefores, however there is something I am able to consider which is...

If God can look at someone and it causes His face to shine then they must be rather special. Therefore I can choose to look past the pain and the hurt that I am feeling and take a better look to see what it is about that person that causes God's face to shine. 

I believe it has got something to do with love. 

Loving come what may.
Loving more.
Loving without expectation.

With every sun comes a new day, I press play and I hope to look past the mess and the hurt. I will try to look with love and search for what it is that shines. 

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