Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions

I have never been particularly good at making New Year's resolutions. My resolve was generally gone a few days into the New Year!

This year I did not make any resolutions and not because I knew I would not be able to keep them. I did not make any because I believe I can resolve to be a better person, to behave in a better way, to be better at each new day on any day of the year. I believe when I lose my resolve, whether for a moment, for a day or for longer, that I do not have to wait until the next January 1st to start again. Right there, in that moment, in that day, I can pick myself up and begin again.

I have been learning about grace. Grace is a word that is used to describe so many things - the way someone moves, behaviour, God's undeserved and unmerited favour, what we say before a meal, a period of favour shown to someone and a way to address someone. The grace that I have been learning about is grace that gives me something I do not deserve which I can then give to others.

My life is covered by grace and that is why, when I lose my resolve, I can continue and pick myself up and keep on walking. For a long time I was familiar with grace however it is only more recently that I have learnt that grace covers everything. Grace turns feeling a failure into feeling secure. Grace turns fear into peace. Grace catches me when I fall.

When I let grace hold me and guide me it begins to change me from the inside. I hope it is turning me into a person who can show grace to others. Grace has turned my world upside down.

So maybe I have made a New Year's resolution after all! As every sun brings a new day so shall I try to live a life which is covered by grace and one which gives out grace.

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