Thursday, 27 August 2015

All The Fun Of The Fair!

I am very blessed with my family and it is great that we are fortunate to all live close by each other. Once a year in the summer holidays we enjoy an outing to the sea side and the fun fair. Yesterday was the day. Different plans had to be made because of the rain and special people were missing, however we made it to the fun fair, well two fun fairs, following four very excited children! And maybe one slightly excited teenager?!?!
We got wristbands for the cousins and a few tokens for the grown ups who had to accompany the children on some of the rides!

We enjoyed the evening, rushing from ride to ride. There was some disappointment from not quite being tall enough...yet! But more enjoyment, many faces of wonder and smiles of achievement from going on the BIG rides!
We walked past the biggest, most thrilling ride - the one that takes you upside down, spins you round and completely lifts you out of your seat. Having been on it once before, I foolishly said, I love that one. My neice then suggests that we might like to go on it together! I reply that I can't as I have not got any tokens. My sister says, I have - use these ones!
I dither. My sensible head says NO! I can't do it, I'm nearly 40! I can't do it, I'm scared! However, at the same time, my not so sensible head says, You go girl! Do it - it will be amazing. You might not get the chance again.

So my sensible head lost and I went on the ride. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I think the whole of the fun fair heard my screams and when it finished I thanked my neice for taking me on the ride. 

I was so glad I did not talk myself out of it or give in to being scared. I had no idea how I would feel hanging 20 metres up in the air but I did not let the unknown stop me. In truth it felt exhilarating, my screams were with excitement, it was great to share the thrill with my neice and the view, even though upside down, was fantastic. 

How often do I miss such opportunities because I stick with the known, with what is safe because I am too scared to take a step in a different direction? 
How thankful was I that my sister gave me the tokens so I could appreciate the experience of the ride? 

Often I feel prompted to take a step in an unknown direction - to make a decision differently to how I have made it so many times before and like the ride, it has led to great blessings. It is not always instant like the thrill of the ride, but persevering in those unknown steps is leading to a better view. 

When the challenge comes to take those unknown steps I hope I am bold enough to not listen as I try to talk myself out of it, because as I take those unknown steps, and as you might take them also, there are...
...blessings of joy
...blessings of true relationships
...blessings of new views
                                             ...for us all to share in. 

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