Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Shared Moments

Earlier today I sat and watched my children playing and making new friends. There were no barriers or mindsets that got in the way. There was just acceptance.

If only I could be like that and not worry what I think people are thinking...because really I have no idea what is on their minds.
What if when I meet up with someone I was to accept things at face value rather than looking for hidden meanings or trying to read between the lines.

The children play, chat, have fun, make up games and simply share a moment of each other's lives...

What if I started each new day looking for those encounters with the people I meet? Simply enjoying the planned meetings with people and seeing it as a privilege to share that moment of that person's life.
Then looking for the blessing of a new encounter...looking to that shared moment as a chance to give something to someone else.

Watching the children challenged me. Do I limit shared moments because I come with so many expectations? If I had the courage to change my mindset so I become like my children and approach these encounters with no expectations I believe these shared moments would be something like this...

...a time to encourage, to build, and to uplift opportunity to love others as we would want to be loved ourselves
...a chance to value a person and to see them as the wonderful creation that they are investment in a relationship that may lead to many blessings through shared moments.

It will require me to be bold and brave. It will take practise as it means I have to let go of my wants, wishes and desires and put someone else's first...but I know it will be worth it as I saw that in my children's faces today.

"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you."
John 15:12 (New International Version)

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  1. Love your posts Ruth - you really should write a book of them. X