Friday, 30 January 2015

Each New Day, Each New Moment...

Knowing we are loved can bring an unexpected smile to our faces. Sometimes my little boy will walk past me and say, 'love you mum' for no reason and with no prompt...just because!
It fills me up and I don't smile, I beam! So much is gained from those 3 little words.

Yet sometimes it doesn't take long to forget that I am loved and instead I listen to the more critical voice in my head telling me that I am not good enough or that no-one would say 'love you' if they really knew what I was like.
Why do I let these thoughts enter my head? Why do I listen? Because I am human and because I think I am not good enough.

Each day, each moment I have a choice to make...I let these thoughts win and even though these thoughts are not a reality, I will believe them and they will shape who I am.

OR, each day, each moment, I make a better choice...I choose to know and believe that I am loved. I choose to believe that I am surrounded by a love that will never stop...a love that delights in me...a love that never forsakes...a love that heals...a love that gives without measure.

"You are precious and honoured in my sight...I love you."
Isaiah 43:4 (New International Version)

Each new day, each new moment I choose to stand strong knowing that I am loved by a God who knows me inside and out AND He still loves me inside and out.

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